2014/04/21 02:34:35
Iskander 2 comments

Classics Barricade

Hi everyone, some of you guys may remember me from the Lost Seasons comics, and the older ones may know me as a customizer from the old Transtopia site. Well, some time ago I saw an awesome Barricade made out of Classics Prowl, and I've wanted to do one since then, but since where I live it's almost impossible the find a cheap complete Prowl, I went another route with my version, mixing the more I could from the 2007 Barricade with a Prowl from the waist down; hand aren't definitive by the way, just needed somthing so he could hold the gun.
Hope you like how this is coming together.

2014/04/17 19:44:38
Maximo Prime 2 comments

Combiner Prime Revival!

Ok, so i've been out of the game for awhile.  During this hiatus, i have kept a few WIPs in easy view that i see daily, just hoping it would inspire me to find the time here and there to get back to bashing.  Schedule's rough though.  Missed you guys.  At any rate, this was meant for the "Next Prime" contest.  I couldn't find my original thread for this, so i said screw it, here's a new thread.  it's a long read, you know i can't shut up :)
2014/04/08 11:43:15
Warewullf 5 comments

Generations Rack 'n' Ruin

I haven't posted much on here lately, been busy with other stuff. This project has been sitting, waiting to be finished for months.
I made them from Movie Protoform Starscream and TF:Prime Vehicon heads. The hammer came from TF:Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus and the axe came from some cheap poundshop toy. I know they're supposed to have a hammer and anvil, but I couldn't find a suitable anvil, and anyway having a smashing and cutting weapon make more sense.
2014/03/26 20:56:07
JAF 3 comments

X-Transbots Krank (Huffer) Review

Here's a cool review on the X-Transbots Krank release. Check it!
Matt Booker Review

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