2014/09/11 20:21:36
chonosmoon 5 comments

G1 Cybertronian Skywarp (Tetra Squadron)

This custom Cybertronian Skywarp (G1) is a commissioned piece.
Client wanted a look inspired by the G1 Cartoon.
More photos and info on this piece can be found at my site here: http://www.chonosmoon.com...s/cybertronian-skywarp
Thanks for Looking!

2014/09/06 19:06:47
Iacon Studios 4 comments

Lockdown Classics-movie hybrid

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!

I've always had fun with movie-classics hybrids, so I thought I'd give it a shot with ol' Lockdown.

Using a base of Classics Red Alert, I took the head from Crosswise and went to work. I decided to leave the lights on the car mode, because even though they aren't in the movie, I really like that it gives him this CIA/FBI search look, while playing into being a bounty hunter. The claw is from a movie insecticon leg, which attaches to a screw on the door with a rare earth magnet.

The challenge was in not making him a plain gray figure. I tried to bring in as much color as I could in the bot mode with accents, while giving any non-car parts a worn two tone gray. I like that in the bot mode there's a lot of colors, but in vehicle mode barely any. Thanks for your time!

2014/08/29 21:36:16
Tin rocket 6 comments


Been a long time since I posted and this is why. I've been working on this off and on since January.Take a look, it's cybertron! I took an old globe, started cutting into it and used a ton of broken toys, lids, caps, tips, batteries, christmas ornaments and almost anything that would look like a building from space. I tried to keep to a spire and dome theme but make every section look different so they would look like they were different comunities etc. I even have some elevated transit systems. Two LED lights, coloured plastic and a swinging chandelier piece make the different lights you see coming out. There's pin holes all around but I couldn't really make them show up. I'm still working on a Unicron head to orbit and I wrecked the moons so I'll post those at a later time. I hope you like it, thanks for looking.
2014/08/27 07:16:57
rumble619 2 comments

TFC Groove Mods

So when I got this guy I was really happy with him but felt he was missing a little something.
The first thing I did was to paint all his red parts gold with the exception of his fists which I painted black to give him a more G1 look. After that I felt I could add something to his alt mode to also give him a more G1 motorcycle feel to him. I added a windshield from a 1/12 scale police motorcycle and saddle bags from a 1/18 scale. The windshield attaches to his back in bot for an even more G1 feel and the saddle bags have 5mm post glued to the bottoms of them so they just plug into the rear tires and can be removed if I want.
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