2014/04/08 11:43:15
Warewullf 5 comments

Generations Rack 'n' Ruin

I haven't posted much on here lately, been busy with other stuff. This project has been sitting, waiting to be finished for months.
I made them from Movie Protoform Starscream and TF:Prime Vehicon heads. The hammer came from TF:Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus and the axe came from some cheap poundshop toy. I know they're supposed to have a hammer and anvil, but I couldn't find a suitable anvil, and anyway having a smashing and cutting weapon make more sense.
2014/03/26 20:56:07
JAF 3 comments

X-Transbots Krank (Huffer) Review

Here's a cool review on the X-Transbots Krank release. Check it!
Matt Booker Review

2014/03/21 14:59:20
OptimusTimelord 6 comments

Masterpiece G1 Pipes

Made from X Transbots' Stax figure, combined with an oversized KO of G1 Pipes. I altered the transformation of Stax back to Pipes' original toy method, so he effectively lays on his back and the cab doesn't have to revolve.

2014/03/16 07:55:33
chonosmoon 3 comments

Custom Transformers Mastermind Creations Bovis aka Not Tantrum

This custom Mastermind Creations MMC Bovis aka not predacon Tantrum is a commissioned piece for a great client of mine.
Client let me go free on this one, so I did the custom in my high detail styling. A lot of extra care went into the project because about 40% of this figure is made of Polyoxymethylene (POM) which does not hold paint under rough handling; to the point some people have exaggerated it that it cannot be painted.
In the end, I'm really happy how this came out especially consider the potential disaster it could have been. I also appreciate the client's willingness for me to go all out on this figure with highlights and shading.
Thanks for Looking!
More Picture and Info:
Full gallery: http://www.chonosmoon.com/transformers/mmc-bovis-tantrum
My other works: http://www.chonosmoon.com/transformers

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