2015/08/15 09:02:46
Waylander 2 comments

God Armor Optimus Prime

Hi guys, just sharing a recent custom paintjob I did on my third party Xovergen TF-02 Trailerforce (God Ginrai Optimus Prime!). I thought the dull plastic he came in needed some bling ;)

2015/08/04 08:05:33
Tom Servo 7 comments

MP Megatron Throne

I made a throne/ command chair for my MP Megs (Apollyon), out of foamcore.  I teched it up with a little rubber bead lacing.  I definitely should have dressed up the edges a little better, but for a two-day project, I think it's pretty good.
I didn't base it on anything in particular.  I was tempted to do a Lincoln Memorial throne, but I wanted it to be a sci-fi seat, and I didn't want to be tied down to any one design.
What do you think?
2015/07/27 18:38:18
chonosmoon 3 comments

Custom Transformers: IDW MTMTE Nightbeat

Nightbeat was a commission along with Pharma.
This custom uses the Generations Nightneat mold as a base with extras designed by Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed on Shapeways.
Custom parts include
chest piece
torso extension
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