2014/08/17 16:25:03
WraithVerge 17 comments

MP-01 Optimus Prime Modifications

Okay, while I'm waiting on parts for my Cybertron project (as well as a good day to finish shaping the mountain for my ark project), I was taking a look at my Masterpiece Optimus Prime (MP-01)....

(I forgot to take a pic before I began!)

2014/07/31 14:55:00
Tom Servo 7 comments

Gumdam Minifig Diorama

My local comic shop started carrying Gumdam minifigs (about three inches or seven cm tall).  I absolutely love Zakus, so I bought one and immediately bought another and a Gundam for them to fight.  I don't know if this Gundam ever fought Zakus, but they're from the same assortment, so I assume they go together.  It took about two days to do everything here.  The muddy grass is made with epoxy putty rolled over the styrene base and then sculpted.  The crater was made with putty and chunks of styrene.  It doesn't totally come across in the pics, but I added clear paint in the gutters to make them look wet. 
Each figure anchors to a post in their foot and they are both removable and posable.  I originally intended to cut the display down the middle so that I could display them both facing forward, but I think I'm going to leave them together.
I still need to paint the beam saber and I'd like to add a yellow line down the middle of the street.
Let me know what you think.

2014/07/28 05:43:13
jcartwork 2 comments

Ultimate Optimus

JCartwork is proud to present the 1 and only Utimate Optimus Prime. This project took me more than a year to complete . It’s a commissioned piece intended to cover its every mechanical parts with detailed air-brushing technique and some LEDs installation. Tons of modification .It’s a non transformable piece and its well equips with 1 pairs of light up sword and guns and of cause its signature Jetpack. I wanted to thank the patience that I have got from my Client. What a painstaking process throughout, ok I shan’t go into further details. Let’s sit back and enjoy.
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