2015/07/27 18:38:18
chonosmoon 2 comments

Custom Transformers: IDW MTMTE Nightbeat

Nightbeat was a commission along with Pharma.
This custom uses the Generations Nightneat mold as a base with extras designed by Bonnatron's Tinkering Shed on Shapeways.
Custom parts include
chest piece
torso extension
2015/07/05 06:55:09
jcartwork 2 comments

Custom Transformers : Orion Pax

Before Optimus Prime, there was Orion Pax. This is like an interesting character that I have always wanted to work on. I have been following up this figure since last year due to many instances it has been delayed. Finally I decided to wrap up this project and the slow process of hard work did paid off. I think patience and persistence play an important role. OK ENJOY FOLKS !
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jacky.chiah/media_set?set=a.10153557026438319.1073741857.743988318&type=3&pnref=story
Ebay : Custom Transformers Orion Pax | eBay
2015/06/28 22:06:54
WraithVerge 2 comments

1/60 Mazinger (Tranzor) Z, base and Jet Scrander

Well folks, a while back, I began a 1/60 project using a 12" figure to create this one: Mazinger Z:

(this one was before I did a bit more work)

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