2014/07/28 05:43:13
jcartwork 2 comments

Ultimate Optimus

JCartwork is proud to present the 1 and only Utimate Optimus Prime. This project took me more than a year to complete . It’s a commissioned piece intended to cover its every mechanical parts with detailed air-brushing technique and some LEDs installation. Tons of modification .It’s a non transformable piece and its well equips with 1 pairs of light up sword and guns and of cause its signature Jetpack. I wanted to thank the patience that I have got from my Client. What a painstaking process throughout, ok I shan’t go into further details. Let’s sit back and enjoy.
2014/07/18 05:50:27
JAF 1 comment


Another Botcon has come and gone and Sector 70 brings you complete art contest coverage once again!
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2014/07/16 18:06:46
WraithVerge Leave a comment

How to fix the tarnish on Masterpiece Megatron

Okay folks; recently, I noticed that my MP Megs' feet and other metal parts were getting a bit cruddy looking. Since I was going to repaint them anyways, I decided to try my "Pro-Grade" abrasive fiberglass pen on them.

The pen:

Pro-Grade Abrasive Fiberglass Pen : Fiberglass Pens | RadioShack.com

The results:

2014/06/22 14:12:24
Clay 8 comments

Clay's open kitbash diary

I work on custom projects at a glacial rate nowadays. Back in
the halcyon days of new Alternator releases, I would crank out a custom over a weekend instead twice a year. I realized, via conversation with Mr. Warcry, that part of my problem is that I plateaued with paintwork with this thing back in 2008. Ever since then, most of the projects I've started have failed to kindle the excitement of seeing something come together, not knowing whether I could pull it off. After Halfshell, I knew darn well I could, so the driving force of seeing something realized had been mitigated. It's really only been twice since then that I actually stuck with a project to completion, first in making a Sidearm Sideswipe for Cliffy, and second in making a Generations Treadshot. Yep, I count two proper custom jobs in something like six years.

It's a waste considering all of the stuff I've learned how to do!
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