2014/11/08 22:05:09
Tin rocket 4 comments

My take on Jetfire

Like most customizers I looked at Jetfire and thought, great starting point.  I didn't really dig the lots of little weapons look so I started with his gun, cut it up added bits and glued it back together,  I also wanted to bulk him up so I altered his leg guns into some bell bottom thrusters, added forearm armor and two versions of shoulder pads.  Most people like the vents better than the rounded shoulders. I used white mixed with flat aluminum in a few shades and a darker red with a semi gloss coat over top.  The visor is a different red but it doesn't really show in the pics.  I had to use my phone but I think the pics turned out pretty good.  Thanks for looking.
2014/11/07 11:51:15
Tom Servo 2 comments

ALIENS Hallway Diorama

NECA has been showing off their new figures against some really cool backgrounds, so I was inspired to make my own.  This is made from mostly foamcore with a few bits of balsa rod and some little doodads from my parts bin.  I started by spray painting it black and then dusting it from above with gray primer.  I let the paint fall down over it to help create a shadow effect.  When it was dry, I painted in more weathering and dark shadows.  The silver paint chipping was done with silver Sharpie.  I did the caution striping by making a sheet of black and yellow stripes in Paint, printed it and then cut out diagonal strips. 
Let me know what you think.
2014/11/03 15:07:08
Sturmvogel Prime Leave a comment

SP Review: AOE Silver Knight 2-Pack (PART I: Silver Knight Optimus Prime)

Third "Two-Parter" Review, yes, another 2-Pack to be reviewed this time. Who's gonna be this time? The Silver Knight 2-Pack of Age Of Extinction.

The Silver Knight 2-Pack includes a chromed redeco of the Deluxe Class Optimus Prime from Dark Of The Moon, and Grimlock, who was redecoed from the Fall Of Cybertron figure with a more "G1 Accurate" color scheme. Once again the artwork doesn't coincide with the actual figure, the only thing "right" is on the silver thing.
The back of the box features the figures in their alternate and robot modes, along with the number of steps required. It's kinda strange that the small Deluxe Optimus requires more steps than the Voyager Grimlock.

The instructions of both figures were printed on the same side, while the other only has warnings about the batteries in 4 languages: english, french, spanish, and portugese. The illustrations are different again from the other manuals. While the Energon-Classics repaints used their respective line-arts and the new ones used Computer Generated Imagery, the repaints of DOTM and FOC uses pictures from the unpainted prototypes like in the Beast Machines era.

The Silver Knight Optimus Prime, not just a simple repaint of Dark Of The Moon, i mean this is a re-chrome of the figure, at first you may think it looks like Kenner's SilverHawks or Bandai Saint Seiya figures due to the extensive use of chrome, but on the bright side it has a Lucky Draw feel, yeah those "Super-incredibly-special" Transformers released in extremely limited quantities like 10 or 5 only in the whole face of Earth, like the gold MP-01 Convoy. So you can think of the Silver Knight Optimus Prime as the closest thing you could get as a "Mass-release Lucky Draw". However, there's a dark side on this chromed stuff, and lies within the feature that makes it look special: The chrome itself. First off, touching the chrome parts will leave your fingerprints on the figure. Second, the flow of time will destroy the precious chrome sooner or later. Since the G1 era, the chrome made the figures look special and made them different from an ordinary toy, but when time is passing by, the chrome will slowly wear and chip off from the figure. In the case of Lucky Draw figures, this is the constant nightmare that must "Lucky" owners have to suffer, at the point of handling the figure with gloves or in the best of cases sealing and keeping the figure inside of the box. With this figure you will be experimenting the fears that most Lucky Draw owners have to pass through.
As for the figure, it's one of the most well made movie deluxes, not to mention an almost perfect rendition of Optimus Prime, it's only flaw?, the back kibble which makes the front of the truck, like in the 2007 Movie Voyager figure. While in the Voyager Class didn't blocked the mobility of the figure, it does in the Deluxe Class blocking the waist rotation and there's nothing you can do since the kibble makes part of the truck mode.

While chrome is it's imminent weakness, it's strong points are in the posability since the mold was released on 2011-2012. 18 points of articulation, including double jointed elbows (due to its way to transform), and a very "human-like" waist articulation (mostly due to the kibble obstruction). The head also rotates but the "chest halves" kinda blocks it, the head mobility goes on between 20° and 30° rotation.

Due to the Samurai/Knight themes of the movie, Hasbro ommited Prime's MechTech Rifle/Energon Axe weapon and gave him a sword. Instead of creating a new mold, they decided to re-use one from a Generation 1 figure, who?: Rampage. Once again they're re-using swords from Predaking's components. This would be great if it wasn't for a little flaw: The way Prime's hands were designed, due to the "truck back" panel and a bowl-ed bottom on the hand hole, the sword doesn't fit right and gets a little loose on Prime's hands. In a nutshell, Better give Prime a spare MechTech weapon and that sword give it to another figure, specially a Decepticon, since the sword is from one of them.

When it's time to transform this figure, another fear of Lucky Draw owners can be experienced: Fear of chipping off the chrome of the most "active" parts during its transformation. Some parts make "KLAK!!" while others slide, which results in pure terror while the figure is transformed from truck to robot and back. Silver Knight Optimus Prime's truck mode is 95% chromed, while the chrome and its shine looks pretty, fancy and even special, it doesn't stop to be something to be worried due to the reasons mentioned before.
So my best tips and hints about this figure:
In conclusion, the Silver Knight Optimus Prime figure can be considered an Educational Figure since we can learn the experiences and fears of every Lucky Draw owner. This thing is "The Sum of All Lucky Draw Owner Fears", however it's still being a good figure to exhibit in your collection. But the main reason to get this 2-Pack is because of the Grimlock figure that comes with Prime.
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2014/09/11 20:21:36
chonosmoon 5 comments

G1 Cybertronian Skywarp (Tetra Squadron)

This custom Cybertronian Skywarp (G1) is a commissioned piece.
Client wanted a look inspired by the G1 Cartoon.
More photos and info on this piece can be found at my site here: http://www.chonosmoon.com...s/cybertronian-skywarp
Thanks for Looking!

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