2015/05/02 18:34:54
rumble619 3 comments

Gobot Rest-Q

This was a super easy custom. I really didn't do anything to alt mode except paint his light bar red. I left the little side ones blue because I can't make up my mind about them. For the bot mode I just turned his back into his chest and added a new head. That's it.

I know it's not much but sometimes the simpler the better

2015/04/13 11:19:03
JAF 1 comment

Apollyon in depth review!

Paik4Life over on YouTube has done a nice review of KFC/XTB's incredible Apollyon figure. This is the MP Megatron to rule them all...check it out and get some "peace through tyranny."

1 comment
2015/04/11 08:59:35
rumble619 7 comments

Gobot Tank Finished

Able to scratch this guy off the list and it feels good!!!!!

Not much to say about him. Tank is made from a Titanium Fallen figure and lots of styrene.Also added a few stickers from Generations Whirl sticker sheet for added detail.Because of the way he transforms he has the option to use either the turrets from the front of his tank mode or his top turret on his back.The front turrets on his back can be seen in the pic with Cy-Kill

As always thanks for looking and enjoy!!!!

2015/02/23 20:49:01
jcartwork 2 comments

Devastator ver .8

I have commission many devastators but this is special because it will be my last custom devastator.It's been a long journey working and creating custom all these years. I still remember vividly how I did my first devastator and although it wasn't the best but it was being accepted by most of the TF Fans out there. There weren't any 3rd party stuff at that time, creativity were wild and fresh.3rd  party Prints were everywhere now.Collecting unique TF pieces has gone from custom to 3rd party prints.It seems that SUPPLY is more than DEMAND. What I'm trying to do is to create something call art piece not toys which any great 3rd party prints can replace.I HAVE STOP TAKING IN COMMISSION. Doesn't mean I will stop custom work. Still I will create custom within my specs and interest.
Thank you for the support all along!!

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