2014/12/13 11:37:46
Tom Servo 8 comments

Astro Magnum Not-Shockwave Gun Accessory

Not-Shockwave gun accessory for 3 3/4" Joes.  I test printed him in Purple Strong and Flexible and Black Detail.  I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.

2014/11/08 22:05:09
Tin rocket 5 comments

My take on Jetfire

Like most customizers I looked at Jetfire and thought, great starting point.  I didn't really dig the lots of little weapons look so I started with his gun, cut it up added bits and glued it back together,  I also wanted to bulk him up so I altered his leg guns into some bell bottom thrusters, added forearm armor and two versions of shoulder pads.  Most people like the vents better than the rounded shoulders. I used white mixed with flat aluminum in a few shades and a darker red with a semi gloss coat over top.  The visor is a different red but it doesn't really show in the pics.  I had to use my phone but I think the pics turned out pretty good.  Thanks for looking.
2014/11/07 11:51:15
Tom Servo 4 comments

ALIENS Hallway Diorama

NECA has been showing off their new figures against some really cool backgrounds, so I was inspired to make my own.  This is made from mostly foamcore with a few bits of balsa rod and some little doodads from my parts bin.  I started by spray painting it black and then dusting it from above with gray primer.  I let the paint fall down over it to help create a shadow effect.  When it was dry, I painted in more weathering and dark shadows.  The silver paint chipping was done with silver Sharpie.  I did the caution striping by making a sheet of black and yellow stripes in Paint, printed it and then cut out diagonal strips. 
Let me know what you think.
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